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04-05-2010, 01:19 PM
Originally Posted by Legatus
I agree with Tripp.

Not that any of that helps you as a solo player, but really - this is a multi-player game right?
Yes it is a Multiplayer game. But the solo episodes were enjoyable. The team "raids" can be fun, but have started to grow tiresome over the last few weeks.

I think a mix would work better.

Why? Well consider this: there are a lot of people on this game (like me) who have never played an MMO before. This is my first. However, I have played almost every other Star Trek game to come down the pipe: Armada, Armada II, Bridge Commander, Legacy (both PC and Xbox 360), even the old Xbox game Shattered Universe. Almost all of these games were single player with some multiplayer capability. I even played the old Atari Star Trek console game in the 70's.

Like I said in my original post: I am not advocating every mission be solo-able. I only suggest that adding a few more solo games for the RA5 rank be added periodically to keep it fun. And I have seen nothing in their calendar to suggest such content is coming. Quite the contrary.