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04-05-2010, 03:46 PM
Originally Posted by Tripp_Hazzard
Again, where? I can't claim to read every post, but I haven't seen anything that even implies this.

They have clearly stated that the skill cap will be raised at some point. That seems to be a bad idea if they don't include regular content to go with it.

Right now, I hope they are more focused on PvE content for Klingons than for Feds. But I doubt very strongly that there won't be more regular content at all levels, for all sides, eventually.

Now, if what you felt implied it actually said something like no immediate plans for more Admiral level content, that would be a completely different box of eels.
To me it is implied by complete silence. As for those patch notes, all of that new content could well be klingon leveling missions. If that is the case, it is completely needed, but not really what he is talking about here. I could be wrong here, but I have to see a post from cryptic talking about this. They must know people are concerned with it, yet they have made no effort to post anything to reassure anyone.