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10-27-2008, 04:31 PM
We’re still trying to get in touch with Snowflake to talk about likeness rights. Her agent has not been returning our phone calls.
I'm thinking his Goat ate the phone. Better check to see if his tummy is ringing! lol

I have a small concern about the creature creator. Creating other species. By the sounds of his comment. It sounds like you can create a Klingon looking species and put it in the Federation. So in other words there is work around. I like the possiblities but it may break down the factional destinctness that Cryptic has worked hard trying to create.

Though I do think it would be awesome to see a Guild create awhole new species and require all guild members to make their characters similar to create a whole new playable race for ppl to play. If they choose to join. Sounds interesting. I'm interested on how far ppl with take this. or abuse it