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10-27-2008, 05:45 PM
Originally Posted by reiththestud View Post
But really, was anyone actually curious about this goat thing?
Goat thing? How many rediculous assumptions about the game have we beat to death around here? Cryptic shares with us about the games they are making, and behold, the trolls sing their two favorite songs:

1. This is Bad, Bad, Bad...
2. We want more, more, more....

This thread is Flamebait with a capital F. But worse than that, people have no respect to share a little inside joke. Goats are cool... face it and get over it. The fact that we know Cryptic staff ribs Craig about a goat is there for our amusement. Until some creep ruins it. It's those that ruin it for everyone that make me ashamed of our crowd. Some call it elitist, some just think it's ego. I guess because we need an excuse when we find out an actual adult acts this way. But, by example, you can surely see that it is just immature, anti-social behavior.

Countless other fan groups, from all walks of life, have hardly a single member that would think of slithering to the lows of Star Trek Trolls. Frankly, they aren't really loyal Star Trek fans, they fell into it. Like the punk kids in online games...

If it wasn't the Federation flag they were waving, they would find some other group to plague with their anti-social behavior.

I was curious about the Goat... does that make me some kind of game killer?