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04-05-2010, 07:45 PM
Originally Posted by Druuna
Doing The Cure with a bunch of unexperienced PUG players who have bad gear and no clue what to do ... that's a real challennge you can't do in 50 mins.
the gear is important it doesnt have to be purple it can be mk 9 greens you just have to have the right type of equiptment.. i suggest dual split beams energy dampening armor. personal knockback shield and a mk 9 blue kit which u can buy in gonalda on a klingon and mail to yourself while your there get a bat'leth they help alot when keeping the workers off the nodes

Edit: before alot of you say I dont like energy dampening armor.. realize this . 95% of the damage the borg deal to you is energy. plasma to be specific. if you can get some with an added plasma resist even better.. but I keep extra armor and kits in my inventory.. you should too =)