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04-06-2010, 12:17 AM
Originally Posted by JD4
Very nice post. I read the whole thing and it maintained my interest the entire time. I have two Fed PVE characters (Eng and Tac) and you've convinced me to not only try Klingon but also PvP! I will have to do some serious research on builds and ships as I am very green when it comes to PvP. A few questions:

1.) Do you recommend Eng, Tac, or Sci and why?
2.) What ship type do you recommend? In combination with what captain type?
3.) What is a good starting build for said combination?

Many Thanks!
I'm not the guy you quoted, but I'll chime in here.

1) All the Officer types are great in their own ways, but realistically, Tac Officers are by far the most common. The rest is a toss up between Engineer and Sci Officers, though Sci Officers are more "High Profile" because of VM, SNB, FBP, etc. If you really want to round out your faction's force composition in PvP, be something else other than Tac Officer. Also, I suggest the long, time consuming effort on trying them all eventually. They all have their own merits.

2) If you really get down to it, there's no set Officer to Ship Type rule in this game. There are some that people gravitate to, i.e. Engineers:Cruisers, Tac Officers:Escorts, Sci Officer:Sci Vessel. But you can make odd combinations work, i.e. Tac Officer:Cruiser, Engineers:Escorts, etc. You may want to go initially with the common combination at first. Because once you start figuring out your class more and roll alts using different classes, you start trying to conjure up crazy combinations to work in PvP, because you've become alot more familiar with the classes and ships.