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04-06-2010, 02:29 AM
The Escorts and BoP's kill u in 4 seconds, they also die in 4 seconds when attacked.

For everyone that states that it is possible to be killed in a Cruiser within 4 seconds, well, then u suck at this game frankly.

Cruisers don't kill fast, neither are they weak vessels that can be killed fast if u USE the BO skills in time.
Just flying there, tra lala lala, oh look, a pretty Bird just decloaked, lets NOT do anything and wait to see what happends...

after 3 seconds; He, my shields are gone... :-(
after 5 seconds; he, my hull is losing integrity... :-(

Should I like, I don't know, move so the 3 sides of Shields that ARE intact take the rest of this blunt attack? Neah, my Cruiser will Survive..


He killed me.... HE KILLED ME, he is CHEATING, this is UNFAIR, Devsssssssssssss


Life IS unfair for those not willing to LEARN