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04-06-2010, 03:48 AM
Originally Posted by count23 View Post
I just dont see why we can't do full impulse in a combat situation, if someone wants a big speed boost at the cost of all their weapon/shield/aux energy, why not let them? seems balance enough itself.
Let me check...

KdF has BoP, with battle cloak...
So, set energy to weapons, deliver alpha strike, activate full impulse, brace for impact, battle cloak....
Now, multiple this tactic by 5..... this would be a swoop in, kill one, get out

Right now, without "full impulse" in combat, a TAC or SCI is ~20 km away in less then 2 seconds, if he
pops the engine battery, switches engine settings, activate some "run a way" buffs. A cruiser needs 3 seconds
to reach the same distance

1) implementing will result in unbalanced PvP - advantage KdF BoP
2) it is already possible to get away very quick, even without this feature