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04-06-2010, 05:01 AM
I'm "meh" on your exploit/expose suggestion, I think it would make it much more boring tbh.

Reducing spawn sizes is a really great idea though. The ST universe isn't like other MMORPG universes, so it doesn't make sense to have 50-100 ground enemies on each map. It's the same with space combat; there are just way too many ships in each patrol mission. 40 Federation ships engaged the Borg at Wolf 359, yet there are 5-10 enemy ships on an average system patrol, with 3-4 system patrols on a sector patrol mission. Sure, the Dominion War involved more ships, but that was an actual war, not just a "random encounter" or "standard patrol" as these missions are billed. It doesn't make any sense that they've gone to so much effort creating a compelling Star Trek-style narrative that fits in with existing ST (i.e. non-"reboot") canon, and yet they've increased the number of enemies you're supposed to kill massively compared with the series or films.