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04-06-2010, 05:11 AM
Ok I have never seen a fed carrier in a movie, show or read about one in a book. The klingon one took me by surprise at first it made sense and I remember one somewhere maybe Armada II. The only ship I really remember being a true carrier type ship was the Scimitar, the lines of Scorpion Fighters in its shuttle bay in "Nemesis". The klingons on this board are not saying, "No you don't need a carrier because we don't have science ships." The are saying no because it would make FvK more like KvK, and their side is way under developed story wise. Hell I loathe to level my klink, now I know why they are so good at PvP. Yeah I love the idea for a dreadnaught is is workable probably is realistic as a PvP ship no the damn thing won't be able to turn and in some of these maps with the debris it would be a sitting "Spruce Goose" look at the klink carrriers very seldom do see them changing direction a lot of the times they let themselves get blow up because Fed like to shoot at big shiny objects. So if they want to give the feds something in line with the carrier, dreadnaught I hope they are fair and give the klinks something in line with a science ship and then we will see some QQing on these boards.