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Originally Posted by evilhippo View Post
I do not really 'buy' the all-beam escort concept, but it is good to see someone laying out their builds and the reasons for them in rational and suitably detailed terms... and in readable English. Kudo

It's okay that you don't buy into the all beam escort. That is why i said not everyone will agree. I wasn't even trying to push people into this setup. I was merely indicating that there is no one good set up and that builds, ships are very individualistic according to personal play styles. Any build, any set up, can be effective in any ship if it matches that persons playstyle and they perfect it.

I can assure you there is no one perfect build or choice. Many people dislike all beam escorts but they usually set it up wrong. If you decide to use and all beam or all cannon build, or any build but you don't have the right consoles, mix and match, etc then yes you will find it much harder and think the build sucks. Instead of researching it and learning to master it to match your play style you will find yourself asking other people or searching online for that "perfect" setup. Which will always leave you frustrated because it doesn't match your play style.

Example, when i first started playing eq, with my brother I went with choices based on what veteran players told me. So i ended up with a caster or a ranger. What i found was their roles didn't support my play style. I didn't like running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I much preferred the going toe to toe, trading heavy blows, come back here you little wimp and fight like a man, play style. LOL. See you will never be truely happy in anything you do and enjoy it far less unless it matches your SOUL. Then no matter what happens, win or lose, you will just smile and say, I had fun. If people did that they would be far less frustrated, complain and whine far less. Because when your truely having the most possible fun, you really don't care if you win or lose. It was the experience that mattered.

You will notice that in my build i suggested very specific consoles to go with my build. 2x plasma , 3x science, 4x tactical directed.. What you do find is people mixing and matching consoles.. They make the choice to take maybe 1 or 2 or each, lets say 2 tactical directed and maybe, well i can't think of all the consoles atm, but you get the idea, they may take a tac console that increases plasma damage.

So they mix and match and don't know how to set up the build to be the most effective. It doesn't work and they get frustrated, this all beam escort sucks.. Or they do the same thing with a cannon build, mix and match, don't get the most potential and get frustrated..

Which is exactly why i said RESEARCH, RESEARCH and more RESEARCH. I should of also included PRACTICE, Practice, Practice. No one is going to take any build and be instantly great with it. Even if it matches your play style you still have to practice and master it. People just get frustrated and give up too easily, going and searching for that "perfect" build.

The next problem is they simply might not know how to use it, an all beam escort flown out of position will be completely useless. If you find your being out maneuvered, your enemy always gets behind you or you try to go head to head all the time, where you can only use your frontal beams, yes you will lose those encounters. However if you use all all beam escort in combination with mastering positioning, in combination with the right console choices you will be just as effective as an all cannon build.

Trust me, If I am in an escort, or bird of prey, all beam setups are just as effective in both, and i get into a circle fight with you, taking you out of your cannons firing arc, into an all broadside battle, using beam overload 1, beam overload II, jam sensors, tractor beam, Attack patter alpha, attack pattern omega, attack pattern beta for a debuff, You will lose. Those little turrets that people stick in back are NO match for 6 beams hitting you at once.. I can absolutely guarantee you Klinks hate escorts with tractor beam.. Absolutely hate it. I hear more insults about this, immoblizing them broadside to keep the advantage yours or behind them and they can't run away. It really really ****es them off... = ).

The last thing you have to take into consideration is the level ranges in pvp. Before i rerolled my tac escort and went eng cruiser i used an all beam escort build with a very specific build, with exactly the right console choices and bo's that worked for ME, and not everyone esle. To enhance MY abilities and MY individual play style, NOT somene elses. I can honestly say i rarely ever lost a 1v1 fight ever to ships equal to my level or even a couple levels above me. If you want me to be completely honest, and i have said this in many of my past posts, I find ship pvp FAR TOO EASY. I much prefer ground pvp, it is far more challenging, people, especially klinks can't just run away, and everyone is on even terms.. Except maybe science officers. They are a bit over powered in any arena...

The only time i would die quickly is when encountering a 1v1 with a +4 ship or higher or getting targeted by multiple ships. Remember when you jump into any pvp match it's not balanced to fight people withing close proximity range. Your going to jump into a pvp match lets say Captain 1 and and find yourself up against multiple ships that are all captain 8's.

In this game the way skill points are allocated that would be the same as a level 31 player going up against a level 38 in a 1v1, or several 38's that all gang up on that one player. Then they all brag about how great they are. The level ranges in sto pvp arn't exactly balanced..

So in my point wasn't to sell any one build or get people to buy into any concept. My point was there IS NO ONE perfect build or set up. An all beam escort or bop can be just as effective and deadly as one's with all cannon builds, or any other build for that matter. It comes down to personal choice, personal play styles, lots and lots of both research and practice, picking the right skill choices, bo's, consosles then mastering it.

Self discovery is a wonderful thing, Find out what works for YOU, not EVERYONE else.. = )..