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04-06-2010, 10:47 AM
Originally Posted by Kor_Dahar_Master View Post
We have always used it since infected was release as its effective, the reason we fought in the corner was cos it reduced the number of drones that could hit us while fighting her.

The whole "using the node" to reduce LOS was never important to us as we used cover shields to do that anyway.

Just watch your health/shields and use a hypo/shield charge and tell your healer to pay attention.
The problem is that we hit each other for nearly 500 damage every second, nothing will keep you alive through that. She isnt such a big problem, i actually killed her solo the first time we did infected, ofc the mission progress bugged out for me and i didnt get credit. The only realyl difficult thing always is her debuff, it instantly wipe the whole group and i have no idea how to counter it.