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04-06-2010, 12:22 PM
Originally Posted by Debonair View Post
Now that we can't change instances for the CE, we also can't escape idiots clinging to their belief that the CE regenerates when you shoot the shards... The shear amount of ingrained superstition about the mechanics of the CE is near that of religious proportions... I'd rather argue religious text interpretations with a close-minded fundamentalist than discuss the CE mechanics.. As at least in one case you can agree to disagree and go about your business whereas with the CE... the job just never gets done.
The problem mentioned above is so true. I think players spend more time fighting each other in this encounter than the Crystalline Entity. I wrote up some information on the CE in the link pasted below, but without getting the right information passed along to people within the game this fleet action is going to continue to be a major headache. There is just too much bad information floating around out there.