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Fleet Ambassador Keyes of the 22 Fleet Command here- We are a medium sized "roleplaying" fleet looking to possibly merge with a large roleplaying fleet.

If you are of a large RP fleet, please pm me with information. We have been together for some time now, all of our members are determined, dedicated, and loyal. We all contribute greatly to the fleet and to overall and individual roleplay experiences.

We have a website of our own: If you would like to see some of our progress.

I will advice any considering fleets that we do not intend to simply be "assimilated", we are looking to negotiating terms which we believe to be very reasonable in exchange for the loyalty and participation of the members you would be receiving.

We would like to keep our identities along with a few other aspects of our current way. Again, these are very reasonable, so we are open to negotiations from any qualifying fleet, which would include a large number of members, a foundation in roleplaying, and open minded members with good imaginations.

We would also entertain a merger with another medium sized roleplaying fleet, where we would negotiate a fair merger and determine the proper command structure.

Thank you for your interest, you may contact me directly on this forum, in-game, or at the fleet site listed above.

Ambassador Jacob Keyes
22nd Fleet Command