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Originally Posted by Azurian View Post
A good way to add more PvE content to Klingon (and future hostile factions) players is to have counter missions with Federation players, in certain zones.

For instance:

For Federation players ordered to patrol Regulus. But a Klingon player is ordered to scout Regulus. Eventually the two would meet and do 1 on 1 battle.

Or regular PvE:

Klingons being the early antagonists of many of the early Federation missions, why not have the Klingon player do the missions that lead up to that Federation mission? Like on the Paris Mission, you are ordered down to subjugate the Federation Ambassador, instead of rescuing him.

I'm sure Klingons would love to partake the Tribble mission and go Tribble hunting!
that could be fun, especially on the tribble hunt thing or kidnapping that annoying starfleet officer paris. i do see one hitch however... i believe the DEVs are trying for a singular storyline in their universe. therefore a klingon mission subduing the ambassador might be a problem... unless u leave the guy that the feds defeat in charge, thus preserving the storyline, just more integration of them.

them option to scout / vs a patrol mission i find very appealing. almost drooling. you could add a fed aptrol mission that requires you to locate and engage a klingon war hero (another player in a klink vessel) that has been rumored to be in the area. word it something similar on the klink side. that way both have fun and both get mission credit. u could even have the victor gain a drop item or something like that so there is an incentive for winning. even maybe leave an option for both to withdraw (but still complete the mission), but i dont know of any klingon that would withdraw unless he was ordered to or was completely out matched. after all, klingons arent suicidal...