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Originally Posted by Alexraptor View Post
How about no?

Even during the dominion wars there were no non-starfleet ships on the frontlines, in fact any race specific ships would most likely be tied down as planteray defense craft.
umm... on DS9 i seem to remember marquis fighters and raiders in several alpha alliance fleet formations when the dominion war broke out... also you said "no non-starfleet ships on the frontlines"... when did the romulans and klingons join the federation and their militaries get incorporated into starfleet during the dominion wars?? (okay i was nit picking you there, but i couldnt resist. i needed my fix)

would make sense. as far as the local garrison idea... what would you do as a planet leader of a federation world if you found out the enemy fleet was staging very close to your home and starfleet was going to engage it? would you not realize this was your best chance to defend your home? even if you were to limit yourself to aid and medical evacution, you are on the fron lines. it is called millitia, many parts of the world still use it and there are still provisions in U.S. laws for it including the U.S. constitution.

As far as the klingon side goes... how long did the gorn fight the empire? how long did the gorn homeworld endure a siege and blockade? i doubt the klingons would throw away decent ships that could put up a fight worthy of a song... even if it were just for harassment purposes to force an enemy to thin their lines....

could be good, could be a double edged sword. i like the idea of the ship unlocking after a mission chain so it is a reward for completing it.