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Your skills in both space and away missions will be magnified when teaming with like-minded individuals. You need not be Vulcan to be a member of the VKF, but you will share certain traits that will deepen your enjoyment of STO when teaming with VKF members. Intelligence, logical thinking, analytical in your approach, and honor in your every act and deed will be echoed in your Fleet-mates. Consider the VKF:
  • We have Vent but don't require you use it
  • We have Fleet uniforms but don't force you to wear them
  • We have a Fleet command structure but don't make you conform
  • We have a worldwide membership, you don't need to match times up to team, there's always someone available
  • We have a Fleet bank with items to help you equip or craft, you may share them with us
  • We have a forum for discussion of all things STO, you may share your knowledge as well
  • We have members of all types and ranks, and Fleet-mates who are in STO for the long-term, ready to team with you
Visit and join us as we protect the Federation, do honorable battle with our enemies, and support our allies and friends.

To our friends, allies, and Federation compatriots, we say Live Long and Prosper. To our esteemed enemies, we will Live Long and Subdue!