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04-06-2010, 11:37 PM
Originally Posted by pfcJOKER
No - this post is not what you think...

I'm wondering why it seems at least 90% of the BOs awarded during the level up New Bridge Officer missions are male (at least for me). I've been working on trying to build up a female only crew and every new BO I'm awarded is Male, while in the grand scheme of things this is trivial, I know, it still is a tad frustrating. I'm stuck with buying standard female BOs because the green and blue one's I've gotten have all been male.

Is it possible to either
A) mix up the randomness of BO assignments (more woman please)
B) As technically BO sex is non-game impacting (cosmetic) can we select the sex of the officer at assignment?
I get a lot more women than men. Didn't even notice it until I took a look at one of my crew's and noticed that all of my away team members in the two different configurations I was using were female.