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04-07-2010, 03:34 AM
Originally Posted by Thlaylie View Post
When they finally fix FBP to reflect cannons I can see most Klingons abondoning the game.

I fly an Escort and if I can reflect 1 second of the cannon fire directed at me from ONE Bop, it will instagank it.
There should be a second change to cannons. Currently dps is either higher or lower based on the weapons firing arc. the narrower the rac, the higher the dps. Naturally, having the narrowest arc cannons had the highest dps.

Beams had the ability to have extra spcials attached to them, not only the ability to increase damage, but also the ability to target subsystems. Cannons on the other hand only get one damage boosting ability. The trade off was that beams were effected by fbp and cannons were not. If cannons are effected by feedback pulse (and i think the same problem of one shotting yourself applies to escorts given bops caould have fbp3) it would seem only fair that the balance be maintained between weapon types and thy should have targert subsystems added to them as well as beams. I cant think of how many target aux 3's i have , with zero aux your fbp will be pathetic and noting to worry about, which it always could have, except people are too dumb to use it