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04-07-2010, 04:40 AM
Originally Posted by Kor_Dahar_Master View Post
It needs to hit most players twice to kill them if the players are at full health.

And yea cover is always good in any situation unless you are a zerger.

Just all take cover behind it and have one guy peak out and take a shot at her, that shot start the pull and get things moving. After your team has her targetd and are shooting her DO NOT be focused on her health focus instead on your own as you will not lose her as a target.
We never watched her health, not much watching going on if you die in a few seconds. The problem is that the AE was pulsing every second or so for a pretty long time and that kills your whole group. Im not sure what is different when you hide all the time, maybe she needs LOS on you to trigger the pulse or something. We might be trying it again today.