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04-07-2010, 04:45 AM
Originally Posted by AzureAlliance View Post
It would be nice (read: implement this or else) if the difficulty slider would apply to STFs and make them soloable by you with your BOs (with nerfed rewards, of course). That would let the elites still be elite while letting the rest of us see the content.
Originally Posted by Legatus
I think it was Gozer that stated that STF would not be using the difficulty slider?

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It's in this thread, but this says more. Basically they will not be solo content and the current difficulty is as easy as it gets.
I've been keeping up on the many threads regarding the STF's all over the forum and feel its time I added my voice to this issue.

It's perfectly ok for there to be Raid only content for the many players who need it but at the same time, the solo/casual players are missing out on the great storyline these STF's provide. Khitomer Accord I hear sees the return of Donatra...

A difficulty slider allowing the raids to become easier is a necessity. We all PAY to play STO (whether its lifetime, yearly or monthly) and for Cryptic to essentially 'prevent' a large number of people from enjoying STF story arc is unfair.

What AzureAlliance suggested sounds great, solo 'episode' versions of the STF's with nerfed loot drops. I think alot of us are keen on not missing out on the story.

What do you guys think ?