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04-07-2010, 04:50 AM
Agree, would really like to see more episodic content or at least more of a variety in exploration missions.

I like the idea of the repeatable missions, but let's face it, that will only be good for the short term.

Would like to see some more solo content. especially challanging solo content that involves bosses with some decent drops.
Not epic drops, but something decent, maybe unlockable ship pieces or some things that are just fluff items.

If they added a lot of variety to exploration missions I would be very happy.
Such as boarding enemy ships, diplomacy with reputation penalties for bad decisions, and content that took place on our own ships (For exploration missions).

I get the MMO bit and so forth, but let's face it, sometimes group content just does not get the job done.

As for the idea of taskforces being toned down, well, how about this.
If you have completed it at least once with a group then you can unlock the ability to run it as a soloable version.

Yea, I would not mind soloable or lesser versions of current taskforce missions at the cost of lesser quality loot.
I think that in some ways would be a good thing.
Would give people a chance to practice the run and they could at least still see the story.

Only main issue I see is, the loot drops as they are now do not seem that high above the gear you can get with tokens, so it may impact the number of groups actually running it on its intended level.

Iconic chars should never be soloable, they should be preserved.
Even if that means people like myself may not any time soon get to fight them or even defeat them, I would still rather wait and have my nervs pushed to the limit than to have what should be an epic fight toned down.