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04-07-2010, 07:20 AM
Originally Posted by narial View Post
why would you go to a cryptic game for pvp?

there are like 232626234235624234234 currently running in english mmorpg's that are purely pvp. there are better options - even a better space option for pvp
I came to a Star Trek game for PVP, like they were advertising it. Since I am not a fan of men in tights who have secret identities, I have no real experience with Cryptic but they did say Star trek and PVP.

I played Shadowbane so my concept of PVP is very tight and with high expectations. With Shadowbane down, I had to move on. Darkfall isn't an option for me either. I am sick of fantasy based games tbh.

EVE really didn't catch my interest. I like to play my games realtime, lvl at my speed and not offline learn/ train.

I betad Fallen Earth and played through launch till recent but watching the devs there with their lack of PVP experience wore out my patience with RvR. Guild interactions are what fuel PVP zones, not factions. FE's playerbase just ignored factions pretty much altogether and started fighting as guilds. The FE concept of PVP is more like Battlegrounds and the arena-type PVP here. They removed conflict by making player interactions optional. Conflict towns were fail without conflict. RvR is not PVP proper and is why I left there.

The allure of being a Klingon and PVPing all the time sounded too good to be true... and this is how I came to this RvR battleground grind. An Open World with FFA zones would have been way sexier.

Regrets? Yeah, I got some.