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04-07-2010, 11:20 AM
Originally Posted by chairforce1 View Post
The Crystalline Entity is suffering from a serious design flaw. Every other Fleet action I've seen people can figure out and win. With the CE, it's impossible to get a group large enough to win to work together. Everyone is so single minded in their desire to do what THEY want to do and flat out refuse to stop shooting shards. It really take away from the experience when there is such a poorly designed roadblock like this in the way.

Devs, please redesign or delete this waste of time mission.
I have to point out that you're basically asking them to redesign the mission because, in your mind, players are incapable of doing the encounter correctly - when in reality it actually sounds like you have the wrong ideas about how this encounter actually works.

Here is a link you may find helpful:

The developer may redesign this encounter one day, but I highly doubt it's ever going to happen based on feedback which is built upon a flawed foundation to begin with.