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10-28-2008, 12:05 PM
Can a Federation player choose to be a member of the other faction, like Worf?

Worf is Klingon, but he joined Starfleet at a time when the Federation and Klingon Empire were allies. Races at odds with the Federation, such as the Romulans, have historically not been allowed into Starfleet. Because of the political situation in 2409, it may not be possible for races from one faction to be a part of the opposing one. But with the species creator you will have access to a wide variety of racial pieces so you can create the character you want. How about a person of Klingon-Vulcan ancestry with some telepathic abilities?
Okay, great, we can create our own races. I love this idea. It's a much needed thing in a Star Trek game and also means that Cryptic don't have to get entrenched in so many minor races and can focus on making the rest of the game better.

The question I still have, however, (where is it that we actually ask cryptic, by the way? link pls) is what happens to all those people who want to be Dominion, Cardassian, Romulan or other Race who aren't (or shouldn't be) part of Klingon Empire or Federation when they finally CAN be one of those races?

Say I customize my character so that it's basically a Romulan and under Race Name I put 'Rihansu' and I play with that character as part of the Federation until the Romulans appear as a faction in an expansion pack - what do I do then if I want to change to what I would have begun playing as if it had been available at the beginning? Do I keep my character as Rihansu (NOT Romulan as far as the game is concerned and therefore with different abilities, etc) and simply change factions with no loss of stats or ship class ability


Do I have to essentially start again if I want to be part of the 'new' faction?

If the latter is the case, I can imagine many people will be disappointed and perhaps will wait (provided it's not toooo long) for the expansions to buy the game - which will make people unhappy because the people playing as Fed and Klingon will have a massive advantage over them. I personally would prefer to wait, albeit painfully, another year for the game to come out with four or five factions included.

I appreciate all of the factors that go into the production of a video game and I really am not having a go at anyone, but I think this is a serious issue for many fans and I don't think I'm alone in my concern by any stretch of the imagination.

Maybe a little more detail of how character creation is going to work would help me here.

In the case that I don't want to make my own race and I want to be an actual pure 100% bona-fide non-customized Klingon like the ones we see on TV - for example, will there be something like a 'faction select' menu with a submenu for species select and then I customise the skills (NOT the appearance - I know I'll be able to make my character look however I want it to) of my Kilingon within certain parameters (20 customization points for all but Klingon has more base strength/melee points than Human, for example)? or will all just begin with a blank character and basically customize our character's attributes to be those of a klingon as we see fit without the use of such menus?