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04-07-2010, 11:51 AM
Originally Posted by Trekker88 View Post
It's the fact that he specially says they are not meant to be PUG friendly that worries me, sure the majority of ppl are running them, but how many of those ppl are PUGs and how many actually run with vent, ect, and/or complete them?
Well, like any other developer from which i played a MMO, cryptic does also overestimate the difficulty of their "dungeons". I play the STFs often in PUGs and with the exception of one time i never used voice chat. I really don't see the problem doing them in a PUG. Sure, you will not be able to do it in under an hour, but who cares? Most of the groups i played with did infected in ~2h, which is perfectly fine for me. So, if cryptic really intended to make them only for the hardcore players, then they simply failed (which is a good thing, although i would like to have an option to increase difficulty of a STF).

Originally Posted by DiedelH
And this is the important point, because so so often named "big" MMO had the same problem, they created nearly exclusively content for the top few percent of the player based and the rest didnt get anything. All that only really changed much later when raids got somewhat easier and they added a lot of "casual" content. At the moment it does look like STO focuses only on the top end crowd and the really is nothing else than STFs right now.
I think you compare the wrong aspects of WoW and STO. You compare the STFs with the raids of WoW, which is misleading. STFs have absolutly nothing to do with raiding in WoW. The equivalent in WoW of STFs would be the 5 man instances like scholomance or stratholme and they are hardly for the "top end crowd". While Blizzard abandoned this type of content soon after the release of every new expansion, cryptic provides new STFs every 2-3 weeks (i hope this continues).