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The Borg Hunt Zone of Ker'rat and N'Vok need to be looked at again. Borg ships embedded inside the Nodes and making it troublesome for people to scan them. Also, the way the zone is arranged, it's ripe for dishonorable practices like taking advantage of others by scoring points or killing them, when they are already engaged in PvE. (Yes, I know this is PvP. But even by Klingon Doctrine (TNG) it's dishonorable to take advantage of the weak).

With N'Vok, it's all Klingon vs Klingon, since Federation players aren't allowed in Klingon space. So if they want real competition, they have to go to Ker'rat, which usually means they likely won't succeed in winning, due to the heavy Federation population.

So what I propose is this:

1) Remove the Borg Hunt from Ker'rat and N'Vok and put it on a world in a real Neutral Location (perhaps the Cursa system). This will increase the Klingon vs Federation competition, instead of the current Red vs Blue.

2) Give Klingons seperate zone-ins from the Federation.

3) Give Federation and Kingons seperate objectives and put those objectives on the opposite side of the zone. So Klingons have to go to the Federation side to complete their objectives and Federation having to go to the Klingon side to complete their objectives.

4) Nodes can only be scanned until the Borg Protectors are defeated at that node.

5) Rewards are no longer individual-based scores.

6) Bonus objectives (which makes the mission much more difficult) yield rewards that are different from the standard Exploration or PvP rewards. (Like Efficient Impulse Engines or Rare consoles (not necessarily as Blue Rare, but rare drop like Anti Proton consoles).

Any other ideas are welcome to improving this idea or this zone.