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04-07-2010, 01:30 PM
I appreciate your experience here. I have fought a number of encounters recently with my Tier 2 Klingon Battle Cruiser against PvE Fed Tier 3 ships of all types. My shields took a beating, but I thought it was a little too easy to win those fights.

As a Fed, though, I took a Nova Class Science Vessel (Tier 2) on a mission against the Romulans, and I found my encounter with a single Romulan War Bird to be down right nail biting. I twisted and turned out of necessity because his weapons chewed up my shields repeatedly.

It was very difficult to bring one of his shields down, then keep it down for a torpedo shot. Often, after agonizing moments, I would drop his shield only to be forced away by damage, then watch as that same shield bounced out to full strength.

He fired purple clouds at me that froze me in space (still don't know what they were), then set plasma fires on me and grabbed me with tractor beams.

After 30 minutes of this sort of thing, based on the scenario, he went disabled. Not sure how that happened, but if it was a fight to the death, I don't think I would have killed him.

If you want a challenge, go find the Romulans.