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MMOs are changing entities. I know, I've played them since EQ. And, yes, sometimes dev decisions that are unpopular just need to be made. At the same time...

PLEASE either reverse the Science console 50% nerf or, as that is probably unlikely, APPLY the nerf to all Science consoles.

Having people with +30 consoles simply because they ended up at RA5 earlier, knew about the nerf and hoarded +30 consoles, or just plain got lucky really stinks. It creates a caste-system for science players (those geared pre and post nerf), and does little to address the overall goal of greater in-game balance.

The economy on the Exchange was already a bit odd, to say the least, and this really just has taken things to a whole new inflationary level. Pre-nerf science consoles for 55 million ECs or more? You've got to be kidding.

Not to mention the change seems to be so unfathomably wrongheaded as to boggle the imagination.

As a lifer who took his time leveling and enjoyed the scenery (such as it has been), doing so science/science, this console situation has been enough to get me really's just such a buggy decision that it would be really great to get a dev response and action on this soon.

For those who agree, I strongly suggest you make your voices heard.