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04-07-2010, 04:48 PM
okay, what about pug vs pug where 1 side stil gets destroyed like one side was a premade?

i have been in many pug groups that organized very very well, we have even destroyed some of your so called premade fleet groups.

i presume you play fed in pvp mostly based upon what you are saying. (i will freely admit this is a pure speculation on my part). sad thing is klingons tend to be much better in pvp and can pug more effectively then the feds because at least 3/4 of their leveling (before the season 1 patch it was almost all pvp based) is pvp. not only agains fed player, but also against other, more skilled klingons.

klingon pugs work together as a team far better than fed pugs.

lord help the feds if there were as many klingons as feds...

\\\discliaimer - i have a radm5 fed and regularly pvp vs both fed and klink
i have a commander klingon and regularly pvp vs both fed and klink
above statement based upon observations made while pvpin and from my friends that pvp
and other pvp threads on these forums.