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04-07-2010, 05:21 PM
Originally Posted by Jaruslothran View Post
Are you unable to read and comprehend what I wrote?
I gave your analogy the dignity it earned. It makes no sense, and doesn't apply. I am trying to give you the benefit of the doubt here, and believe you weren't trying to legitimately suggest that the average joe football team should be able to beat the professional team... right?

In your analogy you compare a professional football team with organized player groups in STO, and the average joe football team to PUGs in STO. Big problem - it doesn't apply at all to STO. No one can join a professional football team, average people can't simply sign up for the New York Giants. BUT ANYONE in STO can join an organized fleet and become a contributing member of an organized PvP team.

Your problem is you want to be successful in PvP, but PvP in STO requires a team (you cannot even enter a PvP match without a minimum of 5 players on your TEAM). That word "team" is apparently too high of a benchmark for you, and the result is you want Cryptic to fix that problem for you with code?

So I read your post and I asked myself - is this guy just being too lazy to organize himself for the competition of PvP in STO?

The answer I concluded was - YEP!

There are numerous options that any player can take action on when in your situation, and the one you decided to act upon was to complain that in a massive multiplayer online game where PvP is group centric, the people who organize are the problem. Your analysis completely ignores how PUG teams lose, and how that in and of itself may suggest the individual PUGs are each individually the problem.

Nope, you didn't do that, because to do so would be to reflect the possibility that you are somehow not doing something right, that in a perfect world disorganized and unplanned individuals will be able to come together and quickly compete against high level competition...

To reflect on any possible solution other than the merits and tranquility of chaotic team play, you would had to reflect that somehow what you were doing was probably not optimal. Surely not a perfect soul such as yourself...

And after considerable effort at the keyboard, you took the high road of telling every one who works to be part of a team how they are the problem...

Are you feeling me yet? Is the sarcasm hitting home? Who is missing whose point?

Maybe instead of saying people who organize are the problem, you should try joining a better fleet that is more active and inline with your playstyle? Who knows, maybe you'll have fun when you get to know all those thousands of people out there in the galaxy, and you may learn to stop losing to those you call "professional" - who are really nothing more than people who work together.