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Logic dictates a return to ancient ways for Vulcans, when our race was very similar to the Spartans of Earth's youth. We no longer shun emotion, but use it like a fine-bladed tool to accomplish our goals and win battles. Controlled emotions such as rage can be very effective, particularly on away missions when melee is called for. A single rifle butt may damage an opponent, but a series of quickly-executed, enraged rifle butts can bring down a strong enemy with dispatch.

Join the Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet and find your place in 2409's STO universe. Coordinated team action is the key to reaching the potential of Cryptic's gameplay, and the VKF is doing so with vigor. Visit and see if your cold logic, keen intellect, and calculating analysis will turn the tide of battle. The VKF embraces all races, fights honorably, and heels to the highest levels of both Federation and Klingon ideals.

To our friends and allies, we say Live Long and Prosper. To our esteemed and honorable enemies, we will Live Long and Subdue!