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Originally Posted by superchum View Post
The borg conflict after the dominion war might be more relevant in strenghtening klingon/human relations.
What do "humans" have to do with Klingons being in Star Fleet? Star Fleet is not a "human" organization, just ask any Vulcan Star Fleet officer.

One would think that being in a war with the Federation might put a damper on Klingon service - fighting their own species and all that. We're not talking about Klingons that grew up as Federation citizens, these are KLINGONS who grew up as KLINGONS and joined Star Fleet as adults. Just as one does not wave a magic wand over a beef steak and make it into tuna fish, one doesn't wave a magic wand over a Klingon and make them into a loyal Star Fleet officer. They are going to be cast out by their house, their extended family, and will have to become traitors to their SPECIES. Their whole being should revolt at fighting against everything they were brought up to revere.

A very small number of Klingons serving in Star Fleet while the Empire is allied with the Federation (during the Dominion War) or time of peace has a degree of plausability. More likely they are on detached service from the KDF or serving as KDF liaison officers.

The wholesale (okay, retail - as in C-Store) service of Klingons in Star Fleet is illogical. Furthermore, where are all the Federation species officers serving in the KDF? What's good for the goose must be good for the gander, right?

No, this is about Cryptic making money, it has no other logic.

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all ships have had a limited weapon range. whatever that may or may not be is selected for more game mechanic reasons. sure the numbers dont add up, but it is a game mechanic unless you prefer firing from beyond sight range thnx to a scout sighting in for you (would rock for klinks, i know)
Ships have sensors, view screens have magnification. The speed of light is 150,000 kilometers/second. A ship traveling at 1/10th of light speed will travel the 10km range of STO space weapons in 1/15,000 of a second. How fast can you hit the space bar and how long does it take for weapons to cycle?

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as a side note.... i love your signature. it is awesome sir
Thank you sir, and complements on your avatar.