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Originally Posted by Jaruslothran View Post
I am going to relate this in a way most can understand.

Every night a group of 10 guys stands around a public park and get together to just play some football. Maybe they get another 10, maybe they just make a couple of groups of 5. Either way, they just get together every night and play a game and have a good time.

Eventually, a professional football team hears of the nightly game and decides that they want to jump in. So the professional football team comes in one night, having training and knowing each others strengths. Well, the group of guys just wanting to have fun are not only beaten.. they are destroyed.

The professional football team then decides that it is time to start yelling "L2P" and "this is where you went wrong.. blah blah blah" when you were just an average guy with a random team..TRYING to have fun.

Well, as time goes on, the professional team starts to show up every night. And as time goes by the guys who used to hang out at that park have either quit coming or have moved on to another park, in hopes that they can have fun again.

The professional football team gets upset that the people are not there any more and decides that it is the other guy's fault for not "learning to play" and just leaving. They then pat themselves on the back for "pwning the nubs" as they wait weeks for a potential game again, until they hear about a NEW park..and go repeat this story again.

This is basically what premades are doing to STO.. and any other darn game they find.

Make a queue for random players only and get the premades out of the way of the guys who just want to play the darn game.

Give them a queue, a ladder.. or whatever feeds their E-peens and let the rest of us have fun.

Or sit around in your empty park slapping each other on the back, congratulating yourselves on how you now rule this empty place.

The pro players in your example started as the guys in the park. They pushed a little harder, corrected their errors, brushed off their defeats, and learned a little more.

Perhaps, there is something you could learn from that yourself. There is the chance that you could be far better at this than you give yourself credit for. It's possible those you team with could do the same.

Even from a purely fan perspective, the characters of the franchise were thrust into a variety of bad situations. They grew, they adapted, they learned their ships, and crews like the back of their hand. Players doing so would eventually get better.

Khan never gave Kirk a time out, nor did the Borg do so for Picard. I honestly think the player base can adapt to these kinds of things just like they do in every other game.

***Last note: the team of five casual friends can meet another team of five casual friends and create a match. It can be done completely on YOUR terms and can be limited to YOUR friends only.

You get all the same rewards as you would from a standard match. It's a cool tool very few people use.***