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04-07-2010, 09:04 PM
Originally Posted by Ipigi
Hey, I'm all for having premade queues. What my grief is with him is that he implied premade groups ruin PvP. When I told him everybody can run a premade (even in a casual matter) he accused me of missing the point, of being pathetic and questioning my education and my ancestors.

I think I'm a little past seeing his point of view.
Your base assumption is still wrong.

I am saying that the average player will get frustrated from constantly being bashed into the earth by a group of people who are coordinated on voice and play together constantly. It used to not bother me so much, but now with Season 1:"Revenge of the Burst Damage" it has become instant death. So eventually they stop queuing for the battles. How can a premade even find it FUN to instant kill an entire team?

Tell me, is THAT challenging... is THAT fun?

So you HAVE missed the point.

You have and are still missing it.

People have gotten my point CLEARLY, then posted about it .... and you still are not getting it, it seems.