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04-07-2010, 09:16 PM
Originally Posted by tMarau View Post
I tend to agree with the majority here guys. I have been to CE several times only to be discouraged at the fact that this thing seems to be non-destructible. I have gone in with several different fleets and the same results come time and time again. CE tends to regen faster than taking damage. I finally quit fooling with CE all together
His natural regeneration rate is about 3% health every 30 seconds. If your group can't strip away more than 3% of his health in 30 seconds then you're pretty much stuck. From my experience, it takes about 10-12 players in the group who are focusing mostly on the Entity for that to happen.

If you're having problems getting past the 33% mark (where phase 3 begins) that's because someone (or several someones) on your team is screwing up.