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04-08-2010, 01:19 AM
Originally Posted by Kor_Dahar_Master View Post
Whatever you need to tell yourself dude..............
I dunno why you wanna turn a mmo into a single player game other than the fact you are used to single player games on "easy or god mode" but your gonna fail cos no designer is gonna do that.
Some people play MMO`s because of the community and the fact that u can chat and choose to team up with others. I have played MMo`s for 10 years and i have never liked missions were i have to team up and have to wait for this or that. I simply would have loved a MMO were u could do everthing Solo and i would not mind at all to get less shiny stuff as reward than the dedicated raiders do.

So my quit MMo list because of used up Solo content over the years start to be long and includes most MMO`s out there. Shortest play time in a MMO 1 month in WoW bcause it sucked, longest 6 yrs in AO bcause of the good community. Average on the others 6mnths to a yr.

Problem with designers not wanna do something for the casual solo MMO` ers out there is the fact that people like urself is the people who yells the loudest.

As for Easy mode, most MMO`s are not considered to be easy to solo to top lvl , in facts its hard work and dedication. And we dont even have a GodMode button.