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04-08-2010, 12:45 AM
Originally Posted by rpadgett371 View Post
I run both Klingon and Fed characters. As a fed player in PvP at Tier 2, I can tell you it is a painful experience. We are always outnumbered, underarmed, and underfunded. The large numbers of BoP decloaking and Alpha Striking, usually two per ship, leaves no time left for even a little bit of maneuver. We die. The only plus there is the spectacular fireballs we make light up the night sky beautifully.

As a Klingon player at Tier 2, game play is the same, the only difference being I am on the dominating side. Fed ships in small numbers just don 't have a chance. Only twice since I began playing this game have I been in a fair fight with the Feds. That was over a month ago...6 on 6. Last time I did PvP as fed., there were three of us, all armed with MK II weapons, MK II shields and MK II engines (That's pretty much all you can get as a Fed early Tier 2) against 7 of them with MK IV cannons, MK IV shields and MK IV engines. We simply never had a chance.

Back to Klingon. The house battles are where it seems to be now. I can always find a good house battle but only rarely find a good fight with the feds. All those 5 on 1 queues and the like, I don't even give a second look. I just watch the house battle queues and jump in on the one with the most interest.
Your information is incorrect. Federation get access to fantastic gear in both T1 and T2 (I have leveled 3 Fed toons). Just do a patrol mission or one of the story arcs and you get GREAT blue gear that can be used for PvP. Both sides have access to upgrades through requisition vendors, exchange (and for Feds, crafting/item enhancement) and missions. Comparing both sides, Federation have access to a far wider and superior selection/grade of gear than their counterparts.

As for the queues, I just started my new KDF when season 1 went live and the queues are varied. Sometimes there are more Feds, sometimes more KDF. Though I think the majority will agree that tactics will win or lose the day.