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04-08-2010, 02:55 AM
Originally Posted by Rothnang
Well, Klingon Ships in the federation wouldn't make much sense since the Klingons in the Federation have no way of producing them.

What I'm talking about specifically is species that are members of the federation, that have a planet and the bulk of their people living as part of the federation, and as such posess the capability to operate shipyards and produce starships. Building a ship takes thousands of people and a whole planet worth of resources, so in order to have frontline ships from a species a faction has to have the planet of that species.
Like the states within the United States produce their own ships, or Scotland, the Province of Loire-Atlantique or Guangdong do today? The Federation is a long standing political entity. Now maybe it is more like the EU than USA, but lore doesn't speak about the Vulcan fleet, nor does it show "formerly Vulcan fleet" ships running around. Navies like standardization, standard designs, standard engines, standard weapons. Star Fleet has designed what they consider the "best" warships possible. Why would they want the member planets of the Federation spending scarce resources building less capable designs? The Gorn, as a recently conquored species might have a few surviving military ships, but only a few. The Orion syndicate, being an illigal organization, might have armed a few civilian ships, but it is extremely unlikely that they would be building a fleet of warships. That takes a highly visible infrastructure including shipyards, training schools, supply and repair facilities, etc.

A low cost non-warp defensive ship (in today's terms a coastal defense vessel) might make sense for planetary defenses, but only if your planet isn't part of a larger political entity with a fleet of powerful warp-capable warships.