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04-08-2010, 05:24 AM
I must agree with #2.

I have yet to expirience lag in Infected, even thoug I have played with dozens of diffrent players.

I have played on connections from 1- to 15Mbps (latter being my home connection), without any problems at all.
If you're expiriencing lag severe enough to actually prevent you from completing Infected boss room, wich is easy once you have figured out the strategy, with just 5 people how can you do fleet action or PvP?

Also as a developer of web applications I must say that it sometimes is nessacary to disregard people with low-end connections and computers. It's sad, but people demanding that developers of online applications take all low-end users into account, effectively stall development, wich is somthing that I will not support.

Tech develops, and it is not the duty of developers to stop using this new tech because people can't or won't keep up to speed.
I know that in some parts of the world, 15/15 Mbps connections like mine are rare and expensive, and I respect that as it is not the users fault. But that is no reason for Cryptic or any other developer to stop taking advantage of the more demanding technologies... And STO is hardly a State of the Art Game.