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04-08-2010, 09:54 AM
Originally Posted by MooseOfWoe View Post
One ship can out DPS the regen at any scaled level.

I can do it in a science - no reason a cruiser or much less an escort can't. Helps to be point blank range on it.
Not sustained. At Admiral levels, sure, but you have to remember that ships have less and less options available as you scale down to Lt. Commander where the fleet action is first given. Soloing the Entity means tanking the Entity's beam weapon. That's not happening for very long without diverting power away from weapons and into shields, dramatically lowering your damage output. And even then a Lt. Commander is likely not to have enough BO abilities at his disposal to remain in the fight indefinitely. Without support, at some point they need to pull out beyond weapon range and give their systems time to repair. Meanwhile, the Entity is doing the same thing.

A Commander level Entity has 1,045,273 health. 31,358 of that is regenerated every 30 seconds. That means the commander ranked vessel has to put out 1045 DPS just to match the regeneration rate (and make absolutely no headway). A Commander can put out that level of DPS (barely), but again that's assuming full power to the weapons, which can't be maintained with so few BO abilities.

Even if you're not allocating additional power to the shields, with 75 power allocated to the engine to keep ahead of the Crystalline Fragments and firing 4 beam weapons you're looking at roughly 800-900 DPS with the reduced power to the weapons. That's not enough to overcome the regeneration rate, and even then it's assuming the player isn't drifting more than 1 km from the Entity (where their beam weapons begin to suffer from reduced damage). And yet, you *have* to expand out more than 1 km from the Entity during phase 3 or you'll cause the Large Crystalline Fragments to explode the moment they spawn at the Entity's location.

I'm not doubting you can do this as an Admiral, but younger ranks require more numbers. And I'm not even sure if you're going to be able to continue doing it as an Admiral once the new stacking changes from Tribble go live.

Anyway, when I say it takes 10-12 players to make headway on the Entity's health, I'm talking about your random assortment of players who have happened to show up at the same time as you. That has been my experience. With fewer players than that it never seems to work, because rarely is everyone attacking the Entity all the time in the most damaging ways possible.