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04-08-2010, 12:34 PM
Originally Posted by DanielCInVa
I keep getting stuck in a way that is not represented here..

It only happens when I am on a Ground Mission of some kind... Both PvP and PvE missions. I find myself unable to move forward or turn. I can continue to fire, but the firing graphics no longer work properly. I can exit, or abort the mission, but then I have to start from the beginning again.
I too have this happen quite often, and I know it has to do with what the devs call 'spamming the keys', meaning to rapidly fire and using your special powers as fast as possible (I know, why would anyone do that?).

Being an Engineer, and loving to lay down the turrets, I have it happen semi-often, and find that to avoid it, I simply need to move slightly between the placements of each turrets, firing of weapons and any of the other 'key spamming'. I really have to think to do this on every mission otherwise the old beam out and back in is the only workaround. I've also opened multiple help tickets, including a "I'll wait here in the hallway of my latest mission for a GM for over an hour before I got bored and quit" and am starting to get really annoyed that it can't make a patch list, while such non-important things like 'new clothes and badges' continually does.