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04-08-2010, 01:58 PM
Actually since the Fleet actions have been segregated by rank this mission have become all but impossible for RA because there just arent enough people. I'd be surprised if this were not the case with the other levels. Before there were easily 30+ people playing everytime I played the mission and even then it took 20 minutes to kill that beast.. Today I played it and there were 3.. not a typo there were 3 people in the mission.

That made the mission impossible, not hard, not difficult, not long, no amount of teamwork overcomes the impossible. this mission is the most extreme example of the fleet actions that suffer now that they are separated by rank. The Gorn and Klingon ones are just as bad. They are no longer fleet actions because there arent enough players to make them fleet anythings.

I have not bad mouthed cryptic yet but this is seriously lazy programming. The idea that what they have now is 'fair' is bull. Give Out 1 good reward to the highest scoring person in each match of each rank. Highest scoring commander gets a special, highest score captain gets special, highest lieutenant gets special. The fact that you did it the way it is now means that you have never even played the game.. No one wants to play a fleet action and see 30 of their class ship.. a fleet is made up of a multitude of ship classes. Thats why it is a fleet. Mix up the enemies in the fleet actions, toss in a lvl 35 Battleship. A good captain knows not to fly near him and to wait for backup.

Do not get lazy with the if and else statements cryptic.