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Originally Posted by superchum View Post
1- Travel Time between "squadrons" ... you close distance quicker at impulse speeds, but that in turn takes your power practically offline. It then places a lot of value on EPS consoles to get back up to power quicker. Or on how you load out your power prior to a fight. Or how you switch off full impulse at 16 klicks and coast into firing range. Or ... etc, etc, etc. The slight difference between the DPS focused ship and the cruiser is offset by the travel time between spawns in just about every space battle mission ...
This actually favors escorts as well, since they turn faster. An escort can swing around, pick up some loot, and zip off to the next target with ease. An escort is very likely to kill the target(s) in a single head on pass, removing any need to turn in the first place.

2- Space battle is just part of the levelling process. Your DPS does not help you in a "click to find 5 glowing objects" mission. And those are frequent. Your SPACE DPS does not help you when you have to fight on the ground. And you do. A lot. Your space DPS does not help you "aid the planet."
Turn rate can help with the click ones though. There will be cases where a cruiser has to drop out of full impulse where an escort can just turn in full impulse. Your spec, on the whole, has more impact on your space kill speed than ground solo, since ground DPS is based on your BOffs in part. For the ground, DPS wins as well. I prefer 1 Sci and 3 Eng Boffs for that, with the engineering BOffs set up with either recharge shields or weapon malfunction as their first power, coupled with phaser turrets and/or support drones for the rest.

When it comes to space solo, escorts are the fastest. But, since everything in this game is fast, especially once you get to 30+, it doesn't really matter much.