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Originally Posted by STObee
The Federation is a long standing political entity. Now maybe it is more like the EU than USA, but lore doesn't speak about the Vulcan fleet, nor does it show "formerly Vulcan fleet" ships running around. Navies like standardization, standard designs, standard engines, standard weapons. Star Fleet has designed what they consider the "best" warships possible. Why would they want the member planets of the Federation spending scarce resources building less capable designs?.

I don't really understand why you are digging so hard for reasons why people can't have their pie and eat it too. I think there are plenty of reasons for different species to build their own ships, or not just give up what they have, and that doesn't mean sub warp ships that can only sit around near their planet. Also I see no reason why the ships that member species build are any less capable, afterall their designers would have access to all the technology available to the Federation.

All we're talking about here is ships that are for all practical purposes the same as the current federation ships except look different to allow people to have something a bit more unique, and since they will come with less customization options and offer no advantage of any kind it's not like you'll see them all over the place.

Another major thing is that plenty of people who roleplay play more as Federation citizens than Starfleet officers. (Chain of command really screws up open roleplay, especially when everyone who wants to be can call themselves an admiral) Those people really have no ships to fall back on that would seem a bit more civilian either, and usually play with very strong ties to their characters species.

Also ships are an expression of a species, and plenty of species have been neglected in that department throughout the various Startrek shows. Without ever seeing their planet, their ships or their technology a species is not really fleshed out to the point where they are recognizable. The shows of course never bothered to show ships that had no real part in the story for obvious reasons, but that doesn't mean that they don't exist. STO is supposed to be the entire StarTrek universe, and a large part of that appeal is that that you should be able to see things that the show never touched on.