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04-08-2010, 03:15 PM
Originally Posted by Combadge
Not sustained.

Anyway, when I say it takes 10-12 players to make headway on the Entity's health, I'm talking about your random assortment of players who have happened to show up at the same time as you. .

One ship can beat the tar out of it it properly geared. <--That's the Admiral level one. Went in and downed it in all of about ten minutes much to the confusion of the five or six in there who could barely scratch it.

This applies to T4 and T5. You're correct in that T3 and T2 (Is there even a T2 version?) would require two or more science ships to scramble lock it, therefore able to get point blank full power to weapons and obliterate the CE.

As for a Cruiser or Escort, they can outdps it at any tier easily so long as someone is SSLing .Full power to weapons, point blank, cannon spam, etc. Dead space rock.

Solo, however, would prove difficult as they can't shard scramble lock. Still, it's possible with their extra weapon/power options and abilities to out DPS the regen - they also need to remain vigilant around the shards..