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04-08-2010, 02:48 PM
Originally Posted by Axterix
This actually favors escorts as well, since they turn faster. An escort can swing around, pick up some loot, and zip off to the next target with ease. An escort is very likely to kill the target(s) in a single head on pass, removing any need to turn in the first place.
If something is 25 klicks away, it's 25 klicks away. This doesn't favor any of the ships. It's an artificial timesink. An obstacle to levelling speed that DPS can't compensate for. This isn't about turning speed. This is about ... when you do a Deep Space Encounter and have to kill 10 squadrons of Terran Empire, you have distance to close between a lot of those squadrons. Your DPS does nothing to close that distance. Your full impulse engines might, but that creates power issues that you have to compensate for. Another example is when you have to kill 6 squadrons of Gorn ships during a sector patrol. And they're all in a nice little line. Each little cluster is 25 to 30 klicks away from the other. It's distance slowing all of you down. No matter what ship you choose.

This is noticable factor in levelling speed due to how ... narrow the levelling process is in this game. And due to the topic of the original post it needs to be stated ... DPS isn't what's going to help here. There are a lot of little things like that in this game which DPS isn't having any impact on. So the OP who wants to go in full bore guns blazing, because killing things "fast" levels him "fast" isn't factoring in that this game functions a bit differntly and his tactic doesn't work the way he thinks it will. He can level just as fast in any of the three ships. DPS doesn't trump all else in terms of levelling speed.