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Originally Posted by superchum View Post
If something is 25 klicks away, it's 25 klicks away. This doesn't favor any of the ships. It's an artificial timesink. An obstacle to levelling speed that DPS can't compensate for. This isn't about turning speed. This is about ... when you do a Deep Space Encounter and have to kill 10 squadrons of Terran Empire, you have distance to close between a lot of those squadrons. Your DPS does nothing to close that distance. Your full impulse engines might, but that creates power issues that you have to compensate for. Another example is when you have to kill 6 squadrons of Gorn ships during a sector patrol. And they're all in a nice little line. Each little cluster is 25 to 30 klicks away from the other. It's distance slowing all of you down. No matter what ship you choose.
It does favor escorts, actually, because, as I said, turn rate, not DPS.

A lot of the time, it isn't a matter of 25k away, but rather, a matter of turn towards the target and close. Or loot, then head to the next one. An escort will tend to spend less time between combat than a cruiser for this reason.

And that is more pronounced in DSEs and Fleet actions, where things aren't as nicely lined up a decent distance away like they are in a patrol. Both of these situations tend to be messier, involve a larger number of bigger ships, more likely to have loot lingering around in places that are not as convenient, and so on.

Not that it all matters too much. Anyone can level quickly in this game. But an escort will be the fastest, due to fire power and turn rate.