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04-09-2010, 01:47 AM
Originally Posted by Combadge
From the comments in this thread it's pretty clear that the difficulty factor of the Entity at the Admiral ranks isn't even remotely on par with the difficulty at the lower tiers. Solo'ing the Entity, while apparently possible as an Admiral, isn't even a remote possibility as a Lt. Commander or Commander. As I recommended before, you need close to a dozen ships at the lower tiers to wear the CE down.

So either the higher tier CE is too easy, or the lower tier CE is too hard, or something in between. I dare say most long time Admirals probably don't even know what the difficulty of the CE encounter is like at the lower ranks since people were one-shoting it with their ramming speed combo back then. That wasn't exactly challenging.

But that "twist" during phase 3 is the only difficult element of the entire fight. Tanking the Entity is fairly easy for the right ships (although not effortless). Wearing him down isn't a huge problem with enough ships. Avoiding the fragments during the first two phases is simple enough. Outside of phase 3 there are no real gimmicks. It's at the end where the real (and only challenge) comes into play. If they remove that we'll be killing the CE in our sleep. I can see tweaking elements of the final phase - maybe adjusting the speed of the small fragments to give the group more time to recover from someone's mistake, but I really don't want them to remove the entire gimmick.
My suggestion would be that the shards don't heal it up beyond 33%. Because that's the extremely frustrating thing about it. You believed you got close, and suddenly someone makes an error and you're back to square one.

Maybe it should start firing again (maybe triggered by the small fragments returning in some way?)