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04-09-2010, 04:55 AM
Someone here has just reminded me why we stopped playing Age of Conan back after its release (It had slipped my mind) but it was surprisingly due to this fact, there was a small incline you had to fight up, unfortunatly as you got further up the respawn behind you would get closer and closer... and well yeah, they didn't fix it, we gave them a week then left for greener pastures.

Then same thing happened in Warhammer, fortunatly they did fix it, but other problems arose...

Anyway my point is, it doesn't take much to annoy someone with frustrating game mechanics, and once there annoyance levels rise above there fun levels they leave, having such a blatantly annoying issue such as this at such an early level LT 4 I beleive for Starbase 24, is really going to start to hurt the game.